Bite Now, Ask Questions Later

Choose from a thoughtfully curated menu of treats

Chewy homemade Rice Krispy treats, sweet frozen bananas and crunchy dipped ice cream bars are the perfect treat whenever your sweet tooth demands attention. At Bite Me, you can select your favorite treats from a diverse menu, or you can create your own using your favorite toppings.

You know what pairs well with these delicious treats? A refreshing drink to wash them down. We carry...

  • Locally sourced kombucha
  • Golden milk made with Hot Eric, a raw honey superfood
  • Seasonal drinks

We're always looking for fun desserts to add to our menu, so keep checking back to see what's new.

"I moved to Boise from Alaska on my birthday in September 2018, continuing to work in Alaska two weeks a month for the next nine months. In June of 2019, I quit my full time job there. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, I'd spent the last 15+ years of my life and career pursuing jobs that I wanted and now I'd had them and I was. So what's next? I was ready for a new adventure. Something that was my own. Something I'd be happy to go to everyday."

Where can you find us?

Bite Me is conveniently located in The Village shopping center in Meridian, ID just outside of Boise. When you're craving something sweet, come to our shop for a tasty treat.

We also have an online store where you can purchase locally sourced items, including exclusive Bite Me merch.

  • Bite Me

    3525 E Longwing Lane
    Suite A-140
    Meridian, ID 83646


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