I moved to Boise from Alaska on my birthday in September 2018, continuing to work in Alaska two weeks a month for the next nine months. In June of 2019, I quit my full time job there. I wasn't sure what I was going to do, I'd spent the last 15+ years of my life and career pursuing jobs that I wanted and now I'd had them and I was. So what's next? I was ready for a new adventure. Something that was my own. Something I'd be happy to go to everyday.

In July, I flew to visit family in California. My family, boyfriend and I sat outside of this little shop having frozen bananas and ice cream. I watched people trickle in and out of the place. Everyone was happy, smiling. The people working inside were having a great time chatting with customers.

I told my nieces, an ice cream shop would be a great business to have. They laughed. I've probably said that 100 times about 100 different ventures in their 20-something years of life. I've always wanted to have my own business, but always put it on the back-burner for other job opportunities or uncertainty, or letting people talk me out of it, but this felt right.

I couldn't stop thinking about it the rest of the trip. My mind kept going back to all the times my family and I enjoyed dessert together growing up. And frozen bananas! And they're hard to find. How amazing would it be to have one anytime I want one?!

We flew home a few days later. My boyfriend slept on the late flight home and when he woke up I had an entire business plan for this venture. Lists of everything I'd need, potential locations, cost projections, everything except a name. Pretty sure he thought I was crazy, but he stuck around.

I envisioned an ice cream bar with a bite out of it for the logo. A bar-top full of toppings to choose from. What could be better than crafting this amazing sundae on a stick? It would be fun and cute and delicious. And just like that, Bite Me was born.

By the end of July I had pitched the idea to The Village. Then it was just a matter of waiting for a spot to open up. That happened in late September. In the meantime, I planned and planned and planned some more.

I had a vision for the space. I wanted it to be all the things that make me happy. Simple, clean, greenery, and my dogs. I also wanted to incorporate as much local small business as I could into the build and the products in the shop.

I also had big plans for my Dad to bring the place to life. He has a mostly one man construction business and his work is impeccable. He took this place from an empty shell, and me rambling everything I imagined to him, into a functional, beautiful space in less than 3 months.

I helped with the construction a little, mostly supervising and painting. Those ceilings are 24 feet tall!

Every piece of the design is near and dear to my heart.

The neon sign over the couch is my hand-writing. It's the first thing I bought for the shop and I'm pretty sure it was the last thing to go up.

The words "Wish You Were Here" on the wall, while cute and catchy, are for my Mom. She passed away suddenly in late 2018. She would have absolutely loved this place.

One of the best parts about putting this business together is all of the amazing people I've met who've been so willing to help with anything they can.